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the ballad of gay tony freezing issue

Well, is it just me or doesn┬┤t this game work for anyone who has it on PC? I finally managed to send a support ticket to steam to ask for half my money back. Here it is:
Hello, I have bought ┬┤Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City┬┤ a long time ago. I have finished playing ┬┤The Lost and Damned┬┤ and am trying for ages to finish ┬┤The Ballad of Gay Tony┬┤ but it freezes all the time. It┬┤s not like it freezes only in one mission at a certain time or something. It keeps freezing in several missions and at different times. I have not been able to play it and have any fun with it.
As you nor Rockstar Games did manage to patch this in the last couple of months (or years?!) I would like to have 50% of my money I paid for this game back as I could only finish half of it.
I am sure you will see it the same way and am looking forward to your positive response.
Yours sincerely
Joachim Wetzel
Let┬┤s see what they┬┤ll do about it.
As a reply they told me to contact rockstar instead. Typically that if a problem occurs somebody else is to bother. Also why do they reply in german?
Hallo Herr Fuzzy, vielen Dank f├╝r Ihre Nachricht an das Steam Support Team! Bitte besuchen Sie zu Supportanfragen f├╝r diesen Titel den technischen Support unseres Drittanbieters. Die Kontaktadresse ist unter folgendem Link zu finden: Title: Grand Theft Auto series Link: http://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=4909-FXMO-4891
Beste Gr├╝├če, Steam Support Team
Bei weiteren Fragen stehen wir Ihnen gerne zur Verf├╝gung.

-> Request #37683 ┬┤Ballad of Gay Tony keeps cr...┬┤ created

So now they told me to:
- upload a dxdiag.txt
- upload a msinfo.nfo
- install dx 9.0c redist
- install Vcredist
- install Net Framework 4.0
- run the game in compatibility mode and as an administrator
- delete all temporary files
- shut down all background tasks
- reinstall the game

Now it doesn┬┤t freeze any more! It just crashes to the desktop and tells me that the eflc.exe does not work any more. I freaking love this game!

Still no reply after two weeks. That is also a way to solve problems, just ignore them. :(

Last Update: After several weeks there was another reply telling me to up an error report. Before doing that I decided to reinstall eflc once again and guess what, now it works just fine. Hopefully I will be able to finish this episode, finally!

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Saturday 11th of June 2011 at 11:09



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