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I am sorry guys. I am sorry to tell you that your reviews, even though I like the general ratings of IMDB a lot and often they reflect my own, are total garbage in this case. And here is why:
After seeing the trailer for Pixels I thought to myself "Omg, what a stupid storyline, it does not make any sense and it looks stupid."
So I did not go to the cinema, because I didn't like the trailer. But when it actually arrived on Netflix I just couldn't help myself and watched it (I am a huge fan of Kevin Smith and Michelle Monaghan and I kinda like Adam Sandler sometimes). After I whitnessed the explanation for the entire story to be fantastic (SPOILER ALERT: NASA sent games into space and an alien race thought it was a declaration of war) I really enjoyed its comedy and special effects as well as all the characters (except Piter Dinklage's character who was just annoying af) a lot. I do not see a single flaw in the entire movie to be totally honest. Of course it is a popcorn type of blockbuster and nothing in comparison to One Flew Over the Coocoo's Nest or Pulp Fiction, but for what it was meant to be (to entertain) it was of supreme quality. Kevin Smith as a failed president was more convincing than Bill Pullman in Independence Day and the entire cast was believable, especially Monaghan did a great job playing the snobby White House employee.
And oh man, the jokes were genius. I laughed my *** *** when Adam Sandler asked if no one was disgusted by his friend kissing a small green alien that suddenly changed into the woman of his dreams. And the final scene where their babies jumped around, I nearly died.

So, please, for the love of god: If you are a true gamer and haven't seen the movie: WATCH IT. Thank you for allowing me to enhance your perspective on excellent movies.

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Sunday 23rd of April 2017 at 19:08
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