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To Share or Not to Share

Chapter I


Chapter I

"Mrs. Redford, there is an urgent inquiry by Mr. Dublin for you", he sad with a cranky voice that seems to have been beaten by the task of telling what he told. Mrs. Redford noticed him but did not pay attention to his sudden interruption. She just kept signing contracts with her highly soffisticated handwriting that looked like one of some aristocrats in the 15th Century with long oscillated serifs like one is always imagining old letters from Baronesses to their young affairs.

The cranky voice started again, urgently pressing the words through his utter teeths like it was the last thing he ever had to say: "Mrs. Redford, you have to sell those shares, NOW! The plan was to only keep them if Wincestor & Benlar would not buy that quirky old company from the Czech."

Mrs. Redford took a long and compelling stare at the intruder, deminishing his plans to proceed with such a high voice and an act of a man trying to fight his last battle. Then she said with all the time in the world and a feminine and very calm and noisy voice: "I think the decision here, is mine to make, Mr. Swanson."

With that said, she put away her expensive looking golden and black pen with neatly arranged egyptian looking icons on it, walked out of the room like the conversation was over and did not look back or stop even though Mr. Swanson tried to continue persuading her into selling those shares.

Later that day, when the Sun was almost fully sunken into the night, spending the most impressing red and yellow light one could see in this time of the year, Mrs. Redford and her husband James sat outside of their very large mansion and were talking about their business as they did almost every day, nowadays.

"Honey, what do you think is best practice in this situation?", Mrs. Redford asked seemingly frightened of the upcoming answer.

Her husband James replied in a very reflicted voice like he had put a lot of thought into what he was about to tell her: "Darling, what ever you do, I know it is a way better decision than any of those who are berating you not knowing half of what you know."

"But what about our money, what about our lives and our childrens future... what if I am wrong?", she quickly replied.

"Then we will start from zero again, like we did 20 years ago. Yes, we are older and can not work that hard any more. But we are ten times wiser, have way more experience and we love each other at least the same like when we met in that old bar at Riverside, Missouri on the coldest day of the year 1819.", he said and kissed her like the time when their lips touched for the first time.

Although Mrs. Redford still had the hardest time coming to rest this night, she felt warmer, especially around the area of her heart, finally coming to peace and having the best night of sleep for a long time.

And here the story begins ...

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Sunday 15th of September 2013 at 15:00



#281 Kati
Monday 16th of September 2013 at 20:53
A wonderful piece of literature! =)

#293 Kati
Sunday 13th of October 2013 at 11:31
Only two days left till the second part! Can\'t wait...

#4 mike
Sunday 22nd of December 2013 at 01:03
When - if so - will this ever get continued? My wife is crazy about things like this!!

#5 katis ghostwriter
Sunday 22nd of December 2013 at 20:10
After she had finished reading she snuggled back in bed, wrapping her arms around her and thinking of how he had written such a piece of art. Thinking about how he had wrapped up every opinion he has, packing it in every word written down. She could even see his smile while writing down his anger against the selfish parts of society and she was thinking about how she loved his love for equality and rights, his intelligence and last but not least his writing skills. And, more than everything else, she loved his will to act as he wished everybody would. Intelligent, calm, not selfish at all, treating others like he would love to be treated himself.
After writing down these words she realized how bad her writing skills are as every second word of her text is called \'love\'. But, never mind. It is what she feels for him.



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